About TACT

The success of TACT Architecture inherently lies in our ability to work with our Clients to achieve noteworthy architecture while meeting tight financial constraints and achieving optimal density. We do not treat cost efficiency as a separate issue; instead, it is integrated into our criteria from the beginning of the design process. This approach, and the efficiency and creativity with which we apply it, helps to distinguish us from other firms and turns our first time clients into repeat clients. TACT Architecture is headed by Principal Prishram Jain, whose distinctive sense of design and extensive working knowledge of the development industry, inform all of the firm’s work.

TACT Design is a full service Interior Design firm that engages in a broad range of projects including custom homes; low, mid & high-rise residential amenity and suite design; along with commercial interiors including retail, office and restaurant design. TACT Design is headed by Principal Michael Krus who infuses the firm’s creative work with a strong architectural sensibility. TACT Design works with the same mandate as its sister companies: We push the design of a space to it’s full potential, while at the same time respecting the Client’s budget. It has been our experience that innovative design can be created within modest budgets, and that financial constraints can be used as an impetus to push our creativity further.

An intimate understanding of the processes behind the residential housing industry has been integral to the success of both TACT Architecture and TACT Design. In 2009 Principals Prishram Jain and Michael Krus decided to form TACT Development in order to serve a dual function: First, to take advantage of the extensive knowledge of development, approvals & residential design present at TACT; and second, to create a platform for experimentation and learning. TACT Development purchases, designs, sells and builds residential infill projects in urban Toronto. Through this process we acquire the discipline to Design with Development in mind and Develop with Design in mind. It is perhaps precisely for this reason that our Clients look to us to quickly and efficiently deliver a measured yet articulate product.